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This page updated Wed September 20, 2016.

  • K7QO Lab Notebook Experiment Notebook.

  • K7QO SPICE Tutorial Notebook [Ver 0.31] Started Aug 12, 2016 and work in progress. Last updated Sep 25, 2016.

    The K7QO Code Course CD

  • K7QO's Code Course CD in ISO File Format See manual.pdf for guide to course.

    K7QO Books on CD

    The following books are in zipped (.zip) format. MP3 files for the audio and ASCII text (.txt) files for the text to be used for checking you copy. They are 20WPM for the entire book.

  • Dorothy and the Wiz in Oz at 20wpm. Copyright 2016 by K7QO and all rights reserved. Do not copy to another site.
  • The Time Machine by H.G. Wells at 20wpm. Copyright 2016 by K7QO and all rights reserved.
  • War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells at 20-24wpm. Copyright 2016 by K7QO and all rights reserved.

    The NorCal QRPp Journal Archives

  • Volume 1. 1993.
  • Volume 2. 1994.
  • Volume 3. 1995.
  • Volume 4. 1996.
  • Volume 5. 1997.
  • Volume 6. 1998.
  • Volume 7. 1999.
  • Volume 8. 2000.
  • Volume 9. 2001.
  • Volume 10. 2002.
  • Volume 11. 2003.

  • QRPp Index to each issue. by K7QO in Sep 2016.

    K7QO Legacy Documents

    The following are documents and work done some time ago. Please realize that some of the URLs, companies and other information may be gone from the planet Earth. This is here for those that might have unbuilt kits or have one that is not working. Also building techniques requiring tools that may no longer be available from the original sources or manufacturers. Please don't ask me to find things. If you can find it using google, then it is most likely that I can not help either. Good luck..

  • Small Wonder Labs SW-30+ Construction Manual. Circa 2012.
  • Small Wonder Labs SW-40+ Construction Manual. Circa 2008.
  • SPICE Tutorial. Circa 2007.
  • Synchronized Build of a 1W for 20m. Receiver build.
  • Synchronized Build of a 1W for 20m. Transmitter build.
  • Aluminum Enclosure Construction Introduction. November 18, 2015. How to build TenTec type enclosures.
  • K7QO's Kit Building Presentation at TBARC Presentation that I did for radio club.
  • USA Map Template for WAS Maps.

    My email address is the usual hiding from Internet bots.

    chuck dot adams dot k7qo at gmail dot com