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Chinese Checkers de K7QO

Yet another project in progress in the lab. This one to check both the quality of test equipment and parts from China. Thus the name Chinese Checkers.

  • K7QO Test of Parts and Equipment in the Lab

    SWL40+ Build with PCB from Gerber file from qrp-tech group.

  • K7QO Build in the Lab

    The K7QO Kit Building Slides for Pacificon 2016

  • K7QO Kit Building Slides for Pacificon 2016

  • K7QO's Kit Building Presentation at TBARC Presentation that I did for radio club. Should be close to matching the slides for Pacificon, but some mods were made.

  • Banggood Power Supply for Lab Work Make sure you select the US power plug, if you live in the USofA. I love this P/S as it has no RFI that I can detect at any frequency.

  • Alpha Metals Solder 1lb spool

  • QRPGuys 12W Dummy Load for $10 A good start for beginners and something that you can use later.

  • K7QO Build of a SWL-40+ from PCB. New PCB made from Gerger file created by member of qrp-tech@yahoogroups.com.

  • K7QO Lab Notebook Experiment Notebook.

  • K7QO SPICE Tutorial Notebook [Ver 0.32] Started Aug 12, 2016 and work in progress. Last updated Sep 28, 2016.

    The 2016 30m Propagation Study and WAS

    As a friendly challenge, the following stations have agreed to start on Nov 1, 2016 and go for WAS on 30m with only 1W or less using a KitsAndParts.com 1W transceiver. We are all starting with a zero count on states and we will see how the band behaves with QRPp power levels and at the same time attempt to work all 50 US states. Not a contest.

    The purpose to study the propagation characteristics of 30m band starting with the winter months and see if all 50 states and some DX entities can be worked using QRPp and QRP levels.

    I did TMPS in 1995 and did a paper at the first FDIM at Dayton in 1996. Here is that paper.

  • K5FO 1995 Thirty Meter Propagation Study My old call was K5FO.

    Here is my map of states worked followed by the list and the confirmed column means a confirmation on QRZ.COM in the logbook. The first person to confirm via qrz.com, in case of dups on the band, gets the honor of the confirmation.

    The map is obtained from the site at the bottom of this page and colored using a free program called inkscape.

    Date          State       Call      Name    Confirmed on QRZ.COM
    -----------   ------    ---------  ------   ---------------------
    Nov 1, 2016   CA         W6QFU     Gene     confirmed
    Nov 3, 2016   AR         KG5HCF    Dave     confirmed
    Nov 17, 2016  TN         AA4MB     Matt     confirmed
    Nov 23, 2016  AZ         N9AV      Norm     confirmed QSL card
    Nov 1, 2016   NV         N7XM      Josh     submitted
    Nov 2, 2016   WI         K9GB      Mel      submitted
    Nov 2, 2016   OR         KF7WNS    Gary     submitted
    Nov 2, 2016   MA         K1SND     Tony     submitted
    Nov 3, 2016   OH         NI8R      Greg     submitted
    Nov 3, 2016   MI         W8NIC     Larry    submitted
    Nov 3, 2016   TX         WI5H      Mike     submitted
    Nov 4, 2016   NV         WD7Y      Ed       submitted
    Nov 18, 2016  SC         W4HBW     Bob      submitted
    Nov 19, 2016  MT         KE7ONQ    Bud      submitted
    Nov 25, 2016  ND         N7IV      Joe      submitted
    Nov 29, 2016  UT         K7AJ      Terry    submitted

    I use a program called INKSCAPE to edit the following map of the USofA. The map is in scalar vector graphics format. After I bring up inkscape and just simply click on the new state and then change its color to red and save the file, I export the file to PNG graphics format for use on this web page. Inkscape has a way to modify the map to make the background transparent so that the yellow of the web page shows through. This makes the map much more pleasing to the human eye that having it in a white rectangle on the page. IMHO.

  • USA Map Template for WAS Maps.

    The K7QO Code Course CD

  • K7QO's Code Course CD in ISO File Format See manual.pdf for guide to course.

    K7QO Books on CD

    The following books are in zipped (.zip) format. MP3 files for the audio and ASCII text (.txt) files for the text to be used for checking you copy. They are 20WPM for the entire book.

  • Dorothy and the Wiz in Oz at 20wpm. Copyright 2016 by K7QO and all rights reserved. Do not copy to another site.
  • The Time Machine by H.G. Wells at 20wpm. Copyright 2016 by K7QO and all rights reserved.
  • War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells at 20-24wpm. Copyright 2016 by K7QO and all rights reserved.

    The NorCal QRPp Journal Archives

  • Volume 1. 1993.
  • Volume 2. 1994.
  • Volume 3. 1995.
  • Volume 4. 1996.
  • Volume 5. 1997.
  • Volume 6. 1998.
  • Volume 7. 1999.
  • Volume 8. 2000.
  • Volume 9. 2001.
  • Volume 10. 2002.
  • Volume 11. 2003.

  • QRPp Index to each issue. by K7QO in Sep 2016.

    K7QO Legacy Documents

    The following are documents and work done some time ago. Please realize that some of the URLs, companies and other information may be gone from the planet Earth. This is here for those that might have unbuilt kits or have one that is not working. Also building techniques requiring tools that may no longer be available from the original sources or manufacturers. Please don't ask me to find things. If you can find it using google, then it is most likely that I can not help either. Good luck..

  • Small Wonder Labs SW-30+ Construction Manual. Circa 2012.
  • Small Wonder Labs SW-40+ Construction Manual. Circa 2008.
  • Small Wonder Labs SW-40+ Construction Manual. May 2011.
  • SPICE Tutorial. Circa 2007.
  • Synchronized Build of a 1W for 20m. Receiver build.
  • Synchronized Build of a 1W for 20m. Transmitter build.
  • Aluminum Enclosure Construction Introduction. November 18, 2015. How to build TenTec type enclosures.
  • K7QO's Kit Building Presentation at TBARC Presentation that I did for radio club.
  • USA Map Template for WAS Maps.
  • TenTec 1330 Construction Manual. TenTec QRP Transceiver Manual circa 1996.
  • K7QO TenTec 1330 Construction Tutorial. TenTec 1330 QRP Transceiver assembly with photos and test sequences.

    My email address is the usual hiding from Internet bots.

    chuck dot adams dot k7qo at gmail dot com